At Hyde Park Village Nursery we know the immense benefit to being exposed to a bilingual and multicultural learning environment from a young age. We have strong support from our German community, both within London and abroad, hence we offer a completely bilingual German / English nursery. a second or multiple language and being. 

With a mix of German and English teachers they provide children the opportunity to communicate in their dominant language, as well as to learn and enhance a 2nd language. This is done in a relaxed, playful and informal way, as they go about their normal nursery day. 

Children benefit from this exposure, cognitively (for example increased speed in problem solving and creativity) as well as socially and emotionally (for example they show increased empathy and more receptive to other cultures and languages). 

Our German and English approach also provides us with ample opportunities to explore other cultures and geographies within meaningful contexts. 

If you’d like to come and see our nursery and meet our wonderful staff, please get in touch .


t: 0207 724 8640 ​​

Henley Village Montessori Nursery School

35 Craven Terrace 

Lancaster Hall Hotel



W2 3EL

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